CubeViz: Visualization & Analysis Tool for Data Cubes from Integral Field Units (IFUs)

CubeViz is an visualization and analysis toolbox for data cubes from integral field units (IFUs). It is built as part of the glue visualiztion tool. CubeViz is designed to work with data cubes from the NIRSpec and MIRI instruments on JWST, and will work with data cubes from any IFU. It uses the specutils package from Astropy.

The core functionality of CubeViz currently includes the ability to:
  • view the wavelength slices (RA, DEC) in a data cube,
  • view flux, error, and data quality slices simultaneously,
  • view spectra from selected spatial (RA, DEC) regions,
  • smooth cubes spactially (RA, DEC) and spectrally (wavelength), and
  • create and display contour maps.
Future functionality will include the ability to:
  • collapse cubes over selected wavelength regions,
  • fit spectral lines,
  • create moment maps,
  • create kinematic maps (rotation velocity and velocity dispersion),
  • create RGB images from regions collapsed in wavelength space (i.e., linemaps),
  • perform continuum subtraction,
  • overlay spectral line lists,
  • save edited cubes,
  • create publication quality figures,
  • output astropy commands,
  • match spatial resolution among selected data cubes,
  • bin data into constant signal-to-noise regions,
  • mock slit observations
  • accurate spectro-photometry